Cornwall’s Premier Bubble Waffle co. They’re delicious, they’re mobile… welcome to POP Waffles

Cornish folk the county over are binning their saffron buns and actually linging their heavy cake into the sea. Why? Because an insanely delicious new sweet treat is hitting the scene and turning the mmmm-ometer firmly up to eleven.

Pop Waffles, are to-die-for bubble waffles with a crispy outside and a chewy centre topped with an extravagance of fresh fruits, home-made desserts, sweet and sticky sauces, thick cream and ingenious finishing touches.

Dessert mavericks

This new treat is based on an Asian waffle called gai daan zai (‘little eggs’ in Cantonese). And it’s been given an original twist by dessert maestro Tiri Ashley, ten years employee at the legendary Mr B’s Ice Cream Parlour in Hayle. She’s partnered by fellow dessert maverick and Mr B’s founder Todd Barden. Translation: your tastebuds are totally in safe hands – Pop Waffles are amaaaazing.

Enter… the Waffle Wagon

Pop Waffles are touring Cornwall in the Waffle Wagon with totally un-vanilla flavours like Hot Blondie, UniCornish and Nutty Monkey. Get your first taste of Cornwall’s newest sweet treat at Trevedra Farm Campsite, Tesco Extra, Pool and various events throughout the county. Come like our POP Waffles Facebook page and Instagram account to stay up-to-date with all our outings.

Oh, and saffron buns and heavy cake. We love you really. x

POP Waffles Cornwall

The line up… Flavours

Heres just a select few of our favourite flavour options. All our Brownies, Blondies and Fudge are homemade and made using only the finest local free range eggs from the happiest hens.


white choc & raspberry homemade blondie, toasted marshmallows, vanilla ice cream and cream


nutella base, lauzy choc brownie with white choc chunks, vanilla ice cream, cream and homemade buttery chocolate sauce


ooooofffff, salted caramel ice cream, clotted cream homemade fudge, caramel sauce and cream


molten nutella base, crumbled cookies, cream, cookies and more cream…. and cookies, topped with choc sauce


multi sensory rainbow of cosmic delights. strawberry ice cream, rainbow ribbons, candyfloss, sprinkles, sauce and the most important ingredient of all… fun


strawberries, raspberries, blueberries all on top of clotted cream ice cream, topped with cream and sauce


hot nutella base, vanilla ice cream, cream, crunchy kinder bars, double choc kinder, cream and hot buttery chocolate sauce


go go go bananas, peanut buttery base, chocolate ice cream, bananas, toasted hazelnuts, cream and topped with M&Ms… you want choc sauce? go for it


get your sporty chops round this one. fresh berries, nuts, dried fruit, natural yoghurt and honey

Cornwall POP Waffles

The POP Icons

Todd Barden

The king of Waffle POP

Tiri Ashley

Food maverick & brain child of POP Waffles

Laura Barden

Queen of the bake and the style

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